ACheS-celerate is a mentorship program for members interested in seeing and experiencing how the organization and its officers work and function.

Congratulations to the Accepted Applicants!

Message from the President

“Greetings, beloved ACheS members!

I would first like to commend you for expressing interest in ACheS-celerate – our annual leadership formation program in the Ateneo Chemistry Society.

This year proved to be a challenging year as we continue our second academic term in an online setup, one that can sometimes feel isolating and taxing. It is indeed hard to lead at this point of time but it is through these challenging moments that we stretch and expand the limits of our potential. Launching our official website, partnering with OSCI and PIPAC are just some of the highlights in ACheS that are testament to our capacity to be more.

The teasers to these announcements have elements of galaxy and solar system as we invite our members to reach for the stars by moving on to bigger and better things. We want to keep the momentum of our progress by continuing with our celestial theme in ACheS-celerate in the hopes that you join us to maximize your potential to be of service to others.

ACheS-celerate aims to jumpstart your leadership journey in order to further our shared goal of a progressive nation-building.

Now is your time to unleash the transformation that’s on deck for your life.”

Neilson V. Abad
Ateneo Chemistry Society


Mentors are comprised of the 11 members of the Executive Board who will guide and hone the leadership skills of the mentees


Mentees are successfully accepted applicants of the program and will be given a chance to experience the Executive Board’s proceedings, as well as specific department and officer roles and functions.

Meet the Mentors

Neilson Abad


Official representative of the organization, coordinates with the chemistry department to maintain harmonious relations, facilitates various projects and events of the organization.

Luigi Laud

Executive Vice President

Assist the President in coordinating the activities of the society. Official liaison of the organization with the alumni.

Jamie Macasinag


Manages the archives of the organization, keeps track of projects and efforts, Takes care of the minutes during EB meetings.

Joyce Candidato

VP for Creative Communications

In charge of managing the image and branding of the organization through the promotional materials and publications it produces.

Mary Apiladas

VP for Finance & Sales

In charge of managing the financial aspects of the organization including budget and fundraisers.

Poly Alconcel

VP for Member Development

In charge of facilitating member-oriented projects which focus on developing member formation and keeping them engaged in the organization.

Hazel Tacsuan

VP for Member Monitoring

In charge of member assessment based on involvement in ACheS projects, and help spearhead efforts for member formation.

Yvonne Gallegos

VP for Public Relations

Manages most communications with external entities. The main goal is to provide external support to organization endeavors when required.

Patricia Abarquez

VP for Research & Academics

Manages services such as chemistry tutorials, the ACheS library, competitions and seminars, and communicating chemistry in various real-world contexts through infographics and other media.

Jamielyn Kaw

VP for Documentations

Manages the flow of documents such as minutes, files, logistics within the organization and its projects.

Allyana Santos

VP for Social Involvement

Manages initiatives that increase awareness, stimulate discourse, and encourage member involvement in tackling social issues and in community social engagement.

Schedule of Events


Can I sign up for more than 1 mentor?

Yes! You can sign up and be accepted under at most two mentors.

Can I join even if I’m not an active member?

Of course! Everyone is welcome to join.

Can I still sign up even if I’m graduating?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to learn more about leadership