ACheS Elections 2022: Filing of Candidacy

Election Dates

Positions Open for Candidacy


Official representative of the organization, coordinates with the chemistry department to maintain harmonious relations, facilitates various projects and events of the organization.

Executive Vice President

Assist the President in coordinating the activities of the society. Official liaison of the organization with the alumni.


Manages the archives of the organization, keeps track of projects and efforts, Takes care of the minutes during EB meetings.

VP for Creative Communications

In charge of managing the image and branding of the organization through the promotional materials and publications it produces.

VP for Finance & Sales

In charge of managing the financial aspects of the organization including budget and fundraisers.

VP for Member Development

In charge of facilitating member-oriented projects which focus on developing member formation and keeping them engaged in the organization.

VP for Member Monitoring

In charge of member assessment based on involvement in ACheS projects, and help spearhead efforts for member formation.

VP for Public Relations

Manages most communications with external entities. The main goal is to provide external support to organization endeavors when required.

VP for Research & Academics

Manages services such as chemistry tutorials, the ACheS library, competitions and seminars, and communicating chemistry in various real-world contexts through infographics and other media.

VP for Documentations

Manages the flow of documents such as minutes, files, logistics within the organization and its projects.

VP for Social Involvement

Manages initiatives that increase awareness, stimulate discourse, and encourage member involvement in tackling social issues and in community social engagement.


Candidacy Requirements

Paper Requirements

  • Candidacy form
  • Signed letter addressed to the Ateneo Chemistry Society ℅ the Executive Board, signifying the intention to uphold the rules of the transitory electoral code

Other Requirements

  • Obtain a score of at least 80% in the 50-point online examination about the ACheS Constitution
  • Have an online individual consultation (IC) with the current outgoing officer of the position you are running for
Coalition Requirements
  • Official letter of intent to form a Coalition which includes the coalition name as well as the names and signatures of all its members
  • Individual paper requirements of all the coalition’s members submitted together


  • Email paper requirements to
    • subject: EBElec_<LastName>_<DesiredPosition>_CF
    • paper requirements must be in PDF form
    • attach proof of IC in JPEG or PNG form
    • DEADLINE: April 13, 2022; 11:59 PM
  • Online Constitution Examination.
    • SCHEDULING: April 1 – April 13, 2022


Do I need to submit a hard copy of my paper requirements?

No! Only a soft copy is needed.

How many times can I take the online exam?

At most three times before the deadline filing for candidacy.

When will the list of eligible candidates be released?

The list of eligible candidates will be released one working day after April 23, 2022 by the ACheS COMELEC.

What counts as a coalition?

A coalition can only be formed if a minimum of 2/3 rounded up to the nearest whole number positions can be filled

Is a coalition required?


How will the online consultation be verified?

COMELEC with confirm with the outgoing officer whether a consultation was conducted before the deadline of the submission of requirements

What advice can be offered to an interested candidate?

Be familiar with the requirements, the ACheS Consitution, Code of Internal Procedures (CIP), and the Code of Electoral Procedures (CEP). Other guidelines can be found in the CEP.

For more information, please contact ACheS COMELEC through their official platform: