Build-a-Lab (BAL)

What is BAL?

A year-long flagship project of Ateneo Chemistry Society that aims to help public high schools have access to improved Science education by enhancing their laboratories through donating equipment, materials, and teaching aids for teachers. Given the restraints imposed by this pandemic and the implementation of community quarantine, the BAL Core Team decided to adapt with the times, still responding to the needs of the partner schools.

PROJECT HEADS: Charles Opague and Jennifer Santos

Our Goals

  • To help public high schools have access to better Science education.
  • To strengthen the relationship between the members of the organization and between the organization and the partner schools by maintaining effective and efficient communication to achieve a common goal.

Who are our partner schools?

  • Ernesto Rondon High School (ERHS)
  • Carlos P. Garcia High School (CPGHS)

Tutor Volunteers


Lo and behold! The man, the myth and the legend himself who changed and contributed to the world of Chemistry as we know it today!

Who needs crushie on Valentine’s if you can just Netflix, chill and hangout with your Silly Putty? At least ito ‘di nang-iiwan!

Whether you are preparing a solution or triple washing your beakers, the wash bottle is one of the most flexible laboratory equipment out there! Wash bottles are primarily used to provide small amounts of liquid because they offer control possibly down until one drop. Not to mention, the wash bottle only makes contact with the glass surface of your beakers, which lessens the possibility of contamination.

BAL’s Modules and Worksheets for Chemistry

What We’ve Achieved

Contact Us

For partnerships and sponsorships, you can reach us in the Official Facebook page of BAL, or email us through: