EBCB Efforts and Initiatives

ACheS Election 2022: Filing of Candidacy

Want to be part of the Executive Board? Learn more about the open positions for candidacy, timeline, requirements, and file for your candidacy now!


ACheS-celerate is a month-long mentorship program for members who want to hone their leadership skills for the future. Come and join us to get a chance to learn the ins and outs of the organization alongside its officers.

Accepted applicants have been released. Congratulations!

Graphic-Design Workshop

An online workshop spearheaded by the Creative Communications department to help members of the organization learn more about the basic fundamentals of graphic design.

Stay tuned for more info.  

Project Layag

Project Layag is a career mixer event organized by the Public Relations (PubRel) department. This year, we are optimizing Project Layag NOT ONLY to provide possible internships for our members, but also to hone their professional skills through training, networks, and many more. Watch out for this one!
Phase 1: Platform
Phase 2: Training
Phase 3: Opportunities

General Assembly 2

The Second General Assembly is an avenue for members to interact and catch up with one another as the new semester begins. It also aims to brief members on the organization’s new activities and goals for the second semester. Recruitment of the Project Team for this year is still ongoing! Just contact OIC Poly Alconcel for more details.

ACheS Website Launching

The Official Website of Ateneo Chemistry Society is set to launch this February 1, 2022, spearheaded by the Department of Creative Communications. This shall serve as a means to reach a wider audience such as ACheS members, ACheS Alumni, loyola community, interested partners and sponsors as well as the general public. The website contains relevant information about the organization including its ongoing projects and efforts.

SuperSaturated Tuesday

Supersaturated Tuesdays are a series of mini trivia games from the Creative Communications (CreaComm) department to help members chill and destress for a day. Minigames are posted every two weeks, and the lucky commenter for each game is rewarded with a Php 50 cash prize.

Tambay Week

Headed by the Member Formation (MemForm) department, it serves as an avenue where members get to rest, chill, and have fun with each other. In celebration of the end of the first semester, the Tambay Night was held last December 21 in the ACheS Discord server. Members were able to catch-up with one another and play some Jackbox games together.

Connect with ACheS on LinkedIn

ACheS LinkedIn is a new initiative managed by the Creative Communication (CreaComm) department where aspiring ACheS members can expand their network with numerous professionals and partners, diversify their portfolio, and experience an avenue of professionalism, opportunities, and corporate knowledge. Check out ACheS LinkedIn and connect with us on our LinkedIn page.

PHD Application

PHD Applications are an avenue for ACheS members to step up, unleash their leadership skills, and be part of project core teams, departments, and/or pools. This year’s PHD Apps had 4 Waves between the months of August and November. Overall, we were able to welcome a total number of 44 associates, 41 project team members, and 20 pool members for this year’s Central Board.

General Assembly 1

GA 1 serves as the first official org-wide gathering where both old and new members are welcomed into the organization for the upcoming academic year. Members were introduced to the organization’s identity, departments, culture, projects, and initiatives. Members were also able to meet with their respective houses for the first time as they played ice-breaker games, and competed in making the best house cheer. A few of our lucky members were also able to win vouchers for Babi Boba milk tea from winning the icebreaker games!

ACheS Family Feud

Inspired by the American-hit TV show, the ACheS Family Feud served as a means to promote ACheS as part of the COA RecWeek. Volunteers were separated into two groups where they needed to guess the most likely answer to a given prompt. Team Sean and the Seanies won the game, along with a Php 1000 worth of Schmitt Backyard Sale (SBS) voucher. Facebook streamer Iñigo Reyes was also awarded a Php 100 worth of SBS voucher. To the winners, don’t forget to claim your voucher prizes in the upcoming SBS on February 2022!


WelChem is the annual welcoming party held for the incoming BS CH and CH-MSE freshmen. It aims to introduce them to their home department through talks from the department of chemistry, virtual lab tours, and student life testimonials.

This year, the WelChem event featured a number of notable speakers, including Ms. Doreen Pua, Mr. Mujib Piang, and Mr. Neilson Abad as they detailed their experiences with Chemistry within their academic, organizational, and occupational life. We were also honored to have the Chemistry faculty in attendance as they, too, welcomed the freshies with a warm embrace. Freshies were also able to meet and bond with their upperclassmen and fellow freshies as they participated in the group dynamics.

COA RecWeek

RecWeek, short for Recruitment Week, is a two-week-long event held by the Council of Organizations – Manila (COA-M), wherein students are given the opportunity to sign-up for their desired organization. With this year’s theme, Tumahan, ACheS encouraged its applicants to start their sonder journey with ACheS through a camping experience.

From “This or That” and “Leave a Dot” to “Camping Bingo,” members and applicants alike were given the chance to share their own posts and interact with others. By the end of RecWeek, ACheS welcomed a total of 102 reapplicants and new members. 

SciComm Saturdays

SciComm Saturdays is a series of publications produced by the Research and Academics (RnA) department and Creative Communications (CreaComm) department to encourage science communication and chemistry appreciation. Stay tuned to the ACheS FB page to learn more about the wonders of chemistry through SciComm Saturdays!