Kimikamahika (KKM)

What is KKM?

KKM is a project geared towards the fulfillment of awareness and appreciation of Chemistry for the youth.  It shows Chemistry and other scientific concepts through fun and magical experiments.

PROJECT HEADS: Jeremiah Marasigan and Erika Factor

Our Goals

  • To inculcate unity among the members of the organization and train them to present demonstrations more effectively.
  • To make the youth of today be more aware and appreciative of Chemistry by showing them eye-catching experiments that prove the relevance of Chemistry in everyday life.
  • To serve as one of the organization’s ways of imparting the knowledge in Chemistry through school partnerships.

Educational Materials

With the restrictions and protocols imposed due to the ongoing pandemic, the KKM Core Team designed the project in a way that adheres to the new normal while still fulfilling its indicated goals. As such, instead of the usual on-site live experiments, Chemical experiments were diverted to engaging videos and infographics posted in the Official Social Media accounts of Ateneo Chemistry Society.

Kimikamahika 2021 – 2022 Experiments
Iodine Clock Reaction
Extracting DNA from Fruits
Imploding Can Experiment
Inflating A Flying Balloon Without Helium
HHO Generator
Oil and Water Lava Lamp

Acid-Base Indicator from Bouganvillea
S/he Loves Me, S/he Loves Me Not

Gel Electrophoresis
Kimikamahika 2020 – 2021 Experiments

What We’ve Achieved

Contact Us

For partnerships and sponsorships, you can reach us on the Official Facebook page of Ateneo Chemistry Society, or email us through: