Ateneo Chemistry Society

The home organization of chemistry students and chemistry enthusiasts in the Ateneo.

Our Projects


Build-A-Lab (BAL) is a flagship project of the Ateneo Chemistry Society that values the promotion of science education to the youth. BAL aims to assist and mitigate the challenges faced by our partner schools due to the current educational set-up.

Schmitt Backyard Sale

A fund-raising project of the Ateneo Chemistry Society (ACheS) where members curate and sell chemistry-related merchandise.


Kimikamahika (KKM) is a project of the Ateneo Chemistry Society which aims to promote and spread interest towards chemistry through entertaining demonstrations and eye-catching experiments.

Ateneo Chemistry Olympiad

The Ateneo Chemistry Olympiad (AChO) is a national chemistry competition that seeks not only to hone the skills of young students and help them reach their full potential, but also unveil the social relevance of chemistry and make known the current issues of the country.


Chemystery is a project of the Ateneo Chemistry Society aiming to spread appreciation and knowledge about Chemistry through an interactive online mystery game with Chemistry-themed puzzles.

ACheS Bulletin

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